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Advisory Opinions

Title Date Subject
21AO:0002 05/20/2021 Request for Victim Impact Statement
21AO:0001 04/15/2021 "Possession” in the context of the definition of lawful custodian
20AO:0007 02/18/2021 Public records request
20AO: 0006 12/17/2020 Public records laws and notes of an open meeting
20AO:0005 Informal Guidance 08/20/2020 Private/public entities and open meetings and public records laws
20AO:0002 06/18/2020 Related to the production of record
20AO:0001 Informal Guidance 05/21/2020 Automatically deleting electronic applications
19AO:0007 03/19/2020 Concerning closed sessions, Iowa Code chapter 21 - No Advisory Opinion issued
IPIB AO 2019-06 10/17/2019 SUBJECT: When a property transaction is “complete” pursuant to Iowa Code § 21.5(1)(j).
19AO:0005 09/19/2019 Traffic Monitoring System Open Records Proposed Policy
IPIB AO 2019-04 07/18/2019 Iowa Code section 21.7, public comment restrictions at an open meeting
19AO:0003 07/18/2019 The limits of confidentiality in a peace officer’s investigative report under Iowa Code § 22.7 (5).
IPIB AO 2019-01 03/21/2019 Iowa Code section 21.5(1)(j), closed session for purposes of discussing sale or purchase of real estate
IPIB AO 2018-19 11/15/2018 When are documents possessed by public officials “public record” as defined by Iowa Code § 22.1 (3) (a-b)?
IPIB 18 AO:0020 11/15/2018 Authority of the Iowa Public Information Board to interpret and make decisions on disputed matters involving the Iowa Code Chapter 22.
IPIB 18 AO 0016 11/15/2018 Applicability of Iowa Code § 21.5 provisions concerning the review of a school board’s closed session minutes and audio recording, by a superintendent not employed by the district on the date of the closed session. The superintendent is seeking to review
IPIB AO 2018 -17 09/20/2018 Applicability of Iowa Code § 22.7 (11) to camera footage of public traffic accidents if a Police Officer also is a party to that accident.
IPIB AO 2018-06 07/19/2018 Application of Iowa Code section 22.7 to email addresses of agency board members
IPIB AO 2018-15 06/21/2018 Application of Iowa Code section 22.7 to email addresses and cellular telephone numbers
IPIB AO 2018-14 05/17/2018 Authority exempting banking industry from compliance with certain laws.
IPIB AO 2018-13 05/17/2018 Judicial interpretation of Iowa Constitution, Article I, Section 6
IPIB AO 2018-11 05/17/2018 Statutory mandate for government attorneys and payment of salaries
IPIB AO 2018-0010 05/17/2018 “Serial” submajority sessions of a governmental body and Chapter 21 Open Meetings
IPIB AO 2018-0008 05/17/2018 Definition of “documented reasons and rationale” as it pertains to release of information from personnel records in Iowa Code section 22.7(11)(a)(5).
AO 2018 - 0012 05/01/2018 Are W-2 forms confidential under Iowa Code 22.7(11)? - withdrawn


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