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Advisory Opinions

Title Date Subject
AO 2018-09 04/19/2018 Oaths of Office and Certification of Appointment
IPIB AO 2018-05 03/15/2018 Definition of municipal jurisdiction in Iowa Constitution
IPIB AO 2018-04 03/15/2018 Constitutional compliance of statutory text
IPIB AO 2018-03 02/15/2018 Budgetary timelines for union negotiations
IPIB AO 2018-02 02/15/2018 Reconciliation of statutory text with computer accounting forms
IPIB AO 2018-01 02/15/2018 Jurisdictional authority for rules authored as regulations by state agencies
IPIB AO 2017-15 01/18/2018 Review and control of media reports and internet postings
IPIB AO 2017-14 01/18/2018 Iowa Code sections 20.17(6) and 331.45
IPIB AO 2017-13 01/18/2018 Iowa Code chapters 17A and 331 appeal procedure
IPIB AO 2017-12 01/18/2018 Jurisdictional authority for validation of computer summations
IPIB AO 2017-11 11/16/2017 Condemnation Adjustment Factor
IPIB AO 2017-05 11/16/2017 Whether a recorded conversation between law enforcement and the guardian/conservator of a protected person can be considered confidential.
IPIB AO 2017-09 09/21/2017 Is the Fayette County Solid Waste Commission (Commission) required to release certain job application information pursuant to a public records request under Iowa Code chapter 22?
IPIB AO 2017-08 08/17/2017 Can a County Clerk of Court legally redact a date of birth and gender identification from a jury summons questionnaire when such questionnaire is requested as a public record?
IPIB AO 2017-07 07/28/2017 Identification of a jurisdictional authority for the validation of computer accounting
IPIB AO 2017-06 07/20/2017 Minutes as evidence of budget irregularities
17AO:0010 07/17/2017 Withdrawn
IPIB AO 2017-04 05/18/2017 Local Government and 28E Agreements
IPIB AO 2017-03 05/18/2017 Statutory Authority for Homeowners Association
IPIB AO 2017-02 03/16/2017 Law Enforcement Agency Case Numbers
IPIB AO 2017-01 01/19/2017 Request for Guidance Concerning Confidential Records Pursuant to Iowa Code section 22.8(4)(c)
IPIB AO 2016-16 12/15/2016 Prairie Meadows and Open Records Laws
IPIB AO 2016-15 09/15/2016 Resignation from Government Position Prior to Apply/Campaigning for New Position
IPIB AO 2016-14 09/15/2016 Local Government Bodies Hiring Private Attorney
IPIB AO 2016-13 09/15/2016 Iowa Association of School Business Officials Not Subject to Chapters 21 and 22


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