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Date Title PDF Version
08/03/2021 August Column: Are the pandemic open meetings and public records restrictions still in place? PDF icon IPIB Column, August 2021.pdf
07/06/2021 IPIB July Column: Is there a time requirement for filing a complaint with the IPIB? PDF icon IPIB Column, July 2021.pdf
05/05/2021 IPIB May Column: Are governmental bodies required to provide video conferencing access for all meetings? PDF icon IPIB Column, May 2021.pdf
04/05/2021 IPIB April Column: Are emails sent by a government body public records? PDF icon IPIB Column, April 2021.pdf
03/18/2021 IPIB SUNSHINE WEEK PRESENTATION by Keith Luchtel PDF icon Sunshine Week Presentation by Keith Luchtel.pdf
03/12/2021 Sunshine Week 2021 PDF icon Sunshine Week 2021.pdf
03/05/2021 IPIB March Column: Can a governmental body covered by Chapter 21 use a secret ballot? PDF icon IPIB Column, March 2021.pdf
02/02/2021 IPIB February Column: Iowa Public Information Board 2020 year-in-review PDF icon IPIB Column, February 2021.pdf
01/05/2021 IPIB January Column: When does an advisory board or committee have to comply with the open meetings law? PDF icon IPIB Column, January 2021.pdf
12/02/2020 IPIB December Column: How do I know my agenda is compliant with Iowa Code chapter 21? PDF icon IPIB Column, December 2020.pdf
11/05/2020 IPIB November Column: What should a newly elected government official know about open meetings and public records? PDF icon IPIB Column, November 2020.pdf
10/05/2020 IPIB October Column: What is a public record? How do I ask for records? PDF icon IPIB Column, October 2020.pdf
09/04/2020 September Column: What groups are required to hold open meetings? PDF icon IPIB Column, September 2020.pdf
08/04/2020 August Column: Can a citizen record an open meeting? What does Iowa law say about allowing citizens to speak at meetings? PDF icon IPIB Column, August 2020.pdf
07/02/2020 July Column: How do we hold open meetings if there is a concern about COVID-19 exposure? PDF icon IPIB Column, July 2020.pdf
06/03/2020 June Column - Who is the custodian of the public record? PDF icon IPIB Column, June 2020.pdf
05/06/2020 May Column - Public Records on Personal Electronic Devices PDF icon IPIB Column, May 2020.pdf
04/15/2020 April Column - Access to Public Records PDF icon IPIB Column on Public Records April 15, 2020.pdf
03/25/2020 Iowa Public Information Board Resources Available PDF icon IPIB Press Release on Resources Available March 25, 2020.pdf
03/11/2020 Open Meetings: Electronic Meetings for a Governmental Body PDF icon IPIB Press Release on Electronic Meetings March 11, 2020.pdf


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