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Date Title PDF Version
04/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - More than One Custodian (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Apr16.pdf
03/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Iowa Public Information Board 2015 Year-In-Review PDF icon IPIBarticle_Mar16.pdf
02/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Government Response to Record Requests (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Feb16.pdf
01/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Designated Legal Counsel in Closed Session (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Jan16.pdf
12/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Documents at a Public Meeting (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Dec15.pdf
11/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Advisory Board or Committee / Open Meetings Law (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Nov15.pdf
10/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - News Media and Open Meetings (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Oct15.pdf
09/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Fees for a Public Records Request (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Sept15.pdf
08/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - 3 Member Boards and Meetings (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_August15.pdf
07/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Job Applications Public Records ? (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_July15.pdf
06/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Moving a Meeting at Last Minute (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_June15.pdf
05/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - IPIB Helping Local Government (Chapters 21 and 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_May15.pdf
04/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Objecting to Closed Session (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_April15.pdf
03/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - What is the Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB) (Chapters 21 and 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Mar 15.pdf
02/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Iowa Public Information Board 2014 Year-In-Review PDF icon IPIBarticle_Feb15.pdf
01/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Conference Board Caucuses (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Jan15.pdf
12/15/2014 IPIB Monthly Column - Instructions of New Officers (Chapters 21 and 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Dec14.pdf
11/17/2014 Smithson named to head IPIB PDF icon Smithson Press Release.pdf
11/15/2014 IPIB Monthly Column - General Public Records Issues (Notifying 3rd Party) (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle - Novermber 15, 2014.pdf
11/10/2014 Iowa Public Information Board to hold training session in Atlantic PDF icon Atlantic Press Release.pdf


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