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01/15/2017 IPIB Monthly Column - What Steps should a private citizen take at a meeting of a governmental body when it is suggested that the body go into closed session, possibly for reasons not legal under chapter 21.5 or other sections of the Iowa Code?(Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Jan17.pdf
12/15/2016 IPIB Monthy Column - Can a government body request and receive payment for the actual costs incurred in retrieving and reviewing public records prior to release or copying the records? (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Dec16.pdf
11/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - What should I do when I can fulfill part of the record request in a few days, but collecting the rest will take longer? (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Nov16.pdf
10/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Can our board discuss something not on the agenda? Can some of us get together after the meeting adjourns? (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Oct16.pdf
09/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Are Settlement Agreements Public Records ? (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Sept16.pdf
08/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Agendas and Notice (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Aug16.pdf
07/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Volunteer Names (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_July16.pdf
06/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Start Times / Length of Meetings (Chaper 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_June16.pdf
05/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Warren County / Iowa Supreme Court Decision (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_May16.pdf
04/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - More than One Custodian (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Apr16.pdf
03/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Iowa Public Information Board 2015 Year-In-Review PDF icon IPIBarticle_Mar16.pdf
02/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Government Response to Record Requests (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Feb16.pdf
01/15/2016 IPIB Monthly Column - Designated Legal Counsel in Closed Session (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Jan16.pdf
12/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Documents at a Public Meeting (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Dec15.pdf
11/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Advisory Board or Committee / Open Meetings Law (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Nov15.pdf
10/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - News Media and Open Meetings (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Oct15.pdf
09/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Fees for a Public Records Request (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_Sept15.pdf
08/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - 3 Member Boards and Meetings (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_August15.pdf
07/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Job Applications Public Records ? (Chapter 22) PDF icon IPIBarticle_July15.pdf
06/15/2015 IPIB Monthly Column - Moving a Meeting at Last Minute (Chapter 21) PDF icon IPIBarticle_June15.pdf


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