Formal Complaints

Any person may file a formal complaint with the board.  The complaint must be filed within 60 days of the occurrence.  The complaint shall be written, signed (electronic submission of the identifying information in the completed form below meets the signature requirement) and dated by the person submitting the complaint using the form set forth below.

The complaint shall allege a violation of Iowa Code Chapter 21, Chapter 22 or both; provide specific facts in support of the allegation, including the identification of persons and the government entities involved in the alleged violation, and indicate the specific action requested of the board. Additional information deemed relevant by the requestor may also be submitted, and requested information is not limited to the space provided.

A written complaint, containing the information requested in the form below, may also be submitted by ordinary mail (Iowa Public Information Board, Wallace Building, 502 East 9th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50319), Fax (515-725-1789) or email (

The Board treats written and electronic communications to it as public records subject to disclosure, except when the board determines an exemption or other provision of law prohibits or limits release of some or all of a communication's contents. If you think the communication you are considering making to the board would qualify for confidential treatment under Code section 22.7 or another provision of law, you should discuss this with the board's executive director or deputy director prior to submission.