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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
19FC:0115 11/21/2019 Kim Martley/Wayne County Extension Council - Dismissal Order
19FC:0130 11/21/2019 Sue Davidson/Polk County Public Works - Dismissal Order
19FC:0114 11/21/2019 Donna Paup/City of Mechanicsville - Informal Resolution Report & Order
19FC:0116 11/21/2019 Elizabeth Hansen/City of Windsor Heights - Dismissal Order
19FC:0119 & 19FC:0122 11/21/2019 Darren Yoder/City of Cedar Falls/Black Hawk County Dispatch - Order to Consolidate and Dismiss
19FC:0119 11/21/2019 Stephanie Van Housen/Iowa City Community School District - Dismissal Order
19FC:0131 11/21/2019 Kevin Kilgore/Ringgold County - Dismissal Order
19FC:0111 11/21/2019 Aleksey Gurtovoy/City of Iowa City - Revised Dismissal Order
19FC:0112 11/21/2019 Nancy Christensen/City of Madrid - Dismissal Order
19FC:0050 & 19FC:0055 10/17/2019 Helen Carritt and Sheila Muldoon/City of Little Sioux - Informal Resolution Report & Order


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