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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
19FC:0126 12/19/2019 Wayne Demmer/Dubuque County Board of Supervisors - Dismissal Order
19FC:0134 12/19/2019 Aristeo Diaz/Perry Police Department - Dismissal Order
19FC:0137 12/19/2019 Don Burgmaier/Iowa Department of Human Services - Dismissal Order
19FC:0108 12/19/2019 Joshua Baker/City of Sheffield - Acceptance Order
19FC:0050 & 19FC:0055 12/19/2019 Helen Carritt and Sheila Muldoon/City of Little Sioux - Final Report & Order
17FC:0029 12/13/2019 Ripperger Order for Stay
19FC:0125 11/21/2019 Duane Mann/Woodbine City Council - Dismissal Order
19FC:0078 11/21/2019 Marty Ryan/Iowa Board of Corrections - Revised Dismissal Order
19FC:0072 11/21/2019 Alex Yakobson/Ames Community School District - Probable Cause Report & Final Order
19FC:0123 11/21/2019 Jamie Gust/City of Pulaski - Dismissal Order


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