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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
19FC:0143/19FC:0146 04/16/2020 Larry Robinson and Bill Olney/City of Marathon - Informal Resolution Report & Order
19FC:0132 04/16/2020 Jared Beymer/Crawford County Land Mobile Radio - Informal Resolution Report & Order
20FC:0030 04/16/2020 Jerry Peck/Zearing City Council - Dismissal Order
19FC:0101 04/16/2020 Peggy Staley, Jared Beymer, Beth Ann Vogt/Crawford Co. Firefighters Assn. - Probable Cause Report & Order
20FC:0020 04/16/2020 Abby Sojka/Washington Co. Extension & Outreach - Dismissal Order
20FC:0035 04/16/2020 Kevin Kilgore/Ringgold County - Dismissal Order
20FC:0023 03/19/2020 Alex Yakobson/Ames Community School District - Dismissal Order
20FC:0013 03/19/2020 Jerry Peck/City of Zearing - Dismissal Order
20FC:0015 03/19/2020 Don McGregor/Kossuth County EMS Board - Acceptance Order
20FC:0011 03/19/2020 Jerry Peck/City of Zearing - Acceptance Order


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