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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
15FC:0071 / 15FC:0073 11/19/2015 Robert LaPoint and Mitch Niner / City of Ottumwa
15FC:0010 10/15/2015 Margaret Stoldorf / Red Oak Community School Board
15FC:0041 09/17/2015 Mary Swan / Cedar County Board of Supervisors
15FC:0049 08/20/2015 Dan Klever / City of Pleasanton, City Council (Probable Cause Report)
15FC:0022 and 15FC:0023 08/20/2015 Russell Rock and Dick Quackenbush / City of Jesup (Probable Cause Report)
15FC:0008 07/16/2015 Steve Kass / Shueyville City Council
15FC:0013 07/16/2015 Dianne Reeves / City of Albion
15FC:0002 05/21/2015 Timothy Miller / Buchanan County (Probable Cause Report)
15FC:0002 05/21/2015 Timothy Miller / Buchanan County (Order)
15FC:0005 05/21/2015 Randy Burton / Blakesburg City Council (Report & Order)


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