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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
20FC:0068 08/20/2020 Paul Silich/Western Dubuque Community School District - Dismissal Order
20FC:0070 08/20/2020 Eric Henely/Gilbert Community School District - Acceptance Order
20FC:0034 07/16/2020 Linn Snell/City of Elberon - Dismissal Order
20FC:0060 07/16/2020 Eric Henley/Gilbert Comm. School Dist. - Dismissal Order
19FC:0138 07/16/2020 Jason Clayworth/Des Moines Water Works - Revised Acceptance Order
20FC:0062 07/16/2020 LaNellie Kopsieker/City of Richland - Dismissal Order
20FC:0056 07/16/2020 Ccofbcjoe/Butler County Board of Supervisors - Dismissal Order
20FC:0059 07/16/2020 Jamie Simpson/Essex City Council - Acceptance Order
20FC:0050 07/16/2020 Clark Kauffman/Iowa Dept. of Inspections and Appeals - Dismissal Order
20FC:0058 07/16/2020 Toni Cooling/Oxford City Council - Acceptance Order


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