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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
20FC:0053 06/18/2020 Eric Henely/Gilbert Community School District - Dismissal Order
20FC:0041 05/21/2020 James Schnoor/City of Treynor - Dismissal Order
20FC:0040 05/21/2020 Kevin Kilgore/Ringgold County - Dismissal Order
20FC:0042 05/21/2020 Curtis Bloes/Wall Lake City Council - Dismissal Order
20FC:0043 05/21/2020 David Furry/Mechanicsville City Council - Dismissal Order
20FC:0033 05/21/2020 Martin Strait/Iowa Department of Corrections - Dismissal Order
20FC:0038 05/21/2020 Stephanie Latta/City of Emerson - Dismissal Order
20FC:0005 05/21/2020 Mari Radtke/City of Archer City Council - Informal Resolution Report and Order
20FC:0026 05/21/2020 Donna Paup/Mechanicsville City Council - Dismissal Order
20FC:0039 05/21/2020 Eric Henley/Gilbert Comm. School Dist. - Dismissal Order


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