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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
20FC:0047 08/20/2020 Deron Stender/Clarinda Community School District - Dismissal Order
20FC:0064 08/20/2020 Vanessa Johnson/Buchanan County Sheriff Office - Dismissal Order
19FC:0132 08/20/2020 Jared Beymer/Crawford Co. Land Mobile Radio Advisory Board - Final Report/Order
20FC:0011/20FC:0014 08/20/2020 Jerry Peck?City of Zearing - Order to Continue
20FC:0059 08/20/2020 Jamie Simpson/Essex City Council - Informal Resolution Report/Order
20FC:0073 08/20/2020 Eric Henely/Gilbert Community School District - Dismissal Order
19FC:0108 08/20/2020 Joshua Baker/City of Sheffield - Continuance Order
20FC:0069 08/20/2020 Fred Wilcox/Olmstead Task Force Committee - Dismissal Order
20FC:0071 08/20/2020 Angela McConville/Oxford City Council - Dismissal Order
20FC:0068 08/20/2020 Paul Silich/Western Dubuque Community School District - Dismissal Order


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