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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
17FC:0042 08/17/2017 Thomas Riley/City of Council Bluffs - Dismissal Order
17FC: 0012 08/17/2017 Gavin Aronsen/Iowa State University - Probable Cause Report
17FC:0036 08/17/2017 Barbara Budelier/City of Stockton - Dismissal Order
17FC:0048 08/17/2017 Rohan Phillips/City of Coralville - Dismissal Order
17FC:0051 08/17/2017 Anonymous/City of Evansdale - Dismissal Order
17FC:0030/17FC:0034 08/17/2017 Burlington Police Dept, DPS, DCI - Order on Interlocutory Appeal
17FC:0046 07/20/2017 Stuart Smith/Iowa Department of Human Services - Dismissal Order
16FC:0075 07/20/2017 Doug Krejci/University of Iowa - Final Order
17FC:0044 07/20/2017 Ricardo Avila/ Adams County Sheriff Department - Dismissal Order
17FC:0037/17FC:0039 07/20/2017 Goetz and Zimmerline/ City of Fontanelle - Consolidate and Dismissal Order


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