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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
17FC:0067 10/19/2017 Kevin Kilgore/Ringgold County - Dismissal Order
17FC:0061 10/19/2017 Jason Clayworth/Iowa Public Information Board - Report & Jurisdictional Decline Order
17FC:0045 10/19/2017 Scott Langley/Blanchard City Council - Probable Cause Report & Order
17FC:0062 10/19/2017 Roger Hanson/City of Duncombe - Dismissal Order
17FC:0065 10/19/2017 Kevin Kilgore/Ringgold County - Dismissal Order
17FC:0055 09/21/2017 Kimberly Nelson/City of Emerson - Dismissal Order
17FC;0058 09/21/2017 Juanita White/City of Garden Grove - Dismissal Order
17FC:0051 08/17/2017 Anonymous/City of Evansdale - Dismissal Order
17FC:0030/17FC:0034 08/17/2017 Burlington Police Dept, DPS, DCI - Order on Interlocutory Appeal
17FC:0042 08/17/2017 Thomas Riley/City of Council Bluffs - Dismissal Order


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