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Formal Complaints

Title Date Subject
22FC:0020 04/21/2022 Michael Merritt/City of Ames - Dismissal Order
22FC:0017 04/21/2022 Chad Brewbaker/Iowa Attorney General - Dismissal Order
22FC:0016 04/21/2022 Doug Weir/City of Ruthven - Dismissal Order
22FC:0021 04/21/2022 Ernie Abell/Arispe City Council - Consolidation Order
22FC:0007 04/21/2022 Randy Evans/Fayette County - Dismissal Order
22FC:0010 04/21/2022 Doug Weir/City of Ruthven - Dismissal Order
22FC:0022 04/21/2022 Arthur John Gries, Jr/City of Hawarden - Dismissal Order
22FC:0027 04/21/2022 Clay Gavin/Cascade City Utilities - Dismissal Order
22FC:0015 04/21/2022 Harry Pettit/Madison County - Dismissal Order
22FC:0009 04/21/2022 Beth Ann Vogt/Crawford Co, E911 Board & Crawford Co. Firefighters Assn - Dismissal Order


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