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What are the powers and duties of the board?


What are the powers and duties of the board?


The board is authorized by statute to issue advice, or declaratory orders with the force of law, regarding the applicability of the open records and open meetings laws.

It can receive and investigate complaints alleging violations of the laws and seek resolution through informal assistance, mediation and settlement. If a complaint cannot be resolved informally, and the board has probable cause to believe the law has been violated, the board may prosecute the government body or official in a contested-case proceeding under the Administrative Procedures Act. The board can issue subpoenas to investigate complaints and prosecute cases, and it can also issue orders with the force of law to require compliance with the sunshine laws.

The board also will offer training in Chapters 21 and 22 to government bodies, disseminate information to the public, and submit an annual report to the governor and Legislature, making recommendations relating to access to government information.

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