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Advisory Opinions

Title Date Subject
IPIB AO 2016-12 07/21/2016 Juvenile Court Records
IPIB AO 2016-11 07/21/2016 Unsealed Bids in Possession of Government Body as Public Records
IPIB AO 2016-10 06/16/2016 Is ISAC Jurisdictional Authority over Iowa Code chapter 331
IPIB AO 2016-09 06/16/2016 Public Notice of Application Deadline in Iowa Code chapter 35C
IPIB AO 2016-08 04/21/2016 Iowa Freedom of Information Council Handbook/Persons Speaking at Government Meetings
IPIB AO 2016-07 04/21/2016 Holding More than One Position in Government
IPIB AO 2016-06 02/18/2016 Appeal of IPIB Dimissal of Complaint
IPIB AO 2016-05 02/18/2016 Iowa State Fair Authority and Open Records
IPIB AO 2016-04 01/21/2016 Judicial Branch Filings
IPIB AO 2016-03 01/21/2016 Iowa Department of Transportation Public Notice for Local Government Projects
IPIB AO 2016-02 01/21/2016 Contract Nullification
IPIB AO 2016-01 01/21/2016 Personnel Records and Evaluations Confidential
IPIB AO 2015-10 12/17/2015 Designation of Legal Counsel for Purposes of Closed Session
IPIB AO 2015-09 12/17/2015 Training Sessions and Materials
IPIB AO 2015-08 11/19/2015 Documents Discussed and Viewable at Public Meetings Become Public Records
IPIB AO 2015-07 11/19/2015 Mandated Penalties for Government Same as for Individual Acting on Behalf of Government - Kilgore
IPIB AO 2015-06 08/20/2015 Use of Public Records as Evidence of Violation / Application of Iowa Code chapter 35C - Kilgore
IPIB AO 2015-05 08/20/2015 Meeting Minutes as Potential False Public Records - Kilgore
IPIB AO 2015-04 06/18/2015 Creation of Records and Associated Fees - Brick / Clanton
IPIB AO 2015-03 05/21/2015 Are There Limits on Who May Attend Closed Session? - Kilgore
IPIB AO 2015-02 03/26/2015 Is Chapter 21 Public Meeting Notice the Same as Notice Required for a County Public Hearing? - Kilgore
IPIB AO 2015-01 03/26/2015 Application of "Draft" Document Exception to Release of Public Records - Aronsen
14FO:0006 12/18/2014 Request for Advisory Opinion concerning the application of Iowa Code section 22.7 to personally identifiable information and social security numbers contained in public records.
14FO:0004 10/16/2014 Request for Advisory Opinion concerning the time frame allowed by Iowa law to fulfill a records request.
14FO:0002 02/20/2014 Request for Advisory Opinion concerning the law governing closed meetings when evaluation of the professional competency of public employees or applicants for public employment is discussed.


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